Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 14, 2017.

School Funding is a Bipartisan Issue

February 9, 2017

To The Editor:

The election on February 14 to Fund operations and technology for the Bainbridge Island Public Schools is a non-partisan issue! After three of our board members attended the excellent Bainbridge Island School District presentation on the proposed Levies, the Bainbridge Island Republican Women’s Association has decided to support both of these levies. Data shows that the BISD is using both state and local taxes effectively to serve our students. Both levies are renewals of existing levies and will lead to only minimal tax increases.

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A Paraeducator Supports Bainbridge Levies

I’ve been a paraeducator at Bainbridge High School for 11 years. I work with high-functioning Special Ed. students in general education classrooms, mixing with the larger student population. The kids I work with are curious, brave, intelligent and have great senses of humor and I love working with them. They need extra help understanding the topics they study, and in reading, writing and completing assignments.

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Bainbridge Ranks in the Bottom Third for State Per Pupil Funding

Dear Bainbridge Community,

In case you’re like my family – no longer have children in the BI schools (or maybe never did), have lots of other things to spend $$ on (like college tuition or retirement or health care) –you may be wondering “why should I vote for another school levy, especially when we passed one just last year?” If so, perhaps this information will help inform your decision. It did mine.
First, last year’s levy was for a capital bond to build new buildings. This one is for everyday operational costs (EP&O), and a renewal of the technology levy (i.e., your taxes will not go up because of the Tech Levy).

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Keep Schools Strong for Our Future Citizens

To the editor:

Thomas Jefferson reminds us that “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”

Our youngest child graduated from Bainbridge High in 2008, well equipped to meet further academics with skills in critical thinking and thoughtful analysis . I am voting in favor of renewing the two levies on the February 14th ballot because I want to keep our schools strong for the next generation of island students — our future citizens.

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School Levies Provide an Equal Playing Field For All Students

Dear Editor:

On February 14, voters are being asked to renew the Bainbridge Island School District’s Educational Program and Operations (EP&O) levy and a Technology levy. As a 20+ year teacher on Bainbridge, these monies impact my life daily, as they do for the over 3,700 public school students on Bainbridge. 22% of the district’s overall operating budget comes from the EP&O levy, and our ever-increasing technology needs are funded exclusively through the technology levy.

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One of the Most Underfunded School Districts in the State

Jan. 19, 2017

To the Editor:

In a perfect world, the Legislature would do its job and fully fund education. Until that happens, we need to vote “yes” on the two levies that are up for renewal on the Feb. 14 ballot. These important ballot measures — the Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy and the Technology Levy — are “insurance policies” that will continue to provide funding for Bainbridge Island public schools.

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Community Investment in Education

Dear editor,

I am writing in support of the upcoming the Bainbridge Island School District, February 14th renewal levies for Educational Programs and Operations and Technology. These levies provide critical dollars, necessary due to inadequate state funding, for school operations. This includes instructional programs, transportation, utilities, and the technology necessary for our children to learn the skills needed for today’s world and their future.

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