Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 14, 2017.

Ensuring Individualized Instruction in the Digital Age

Imagine your family or workplace has to cut its budget by 22%, overnight. What would you identify as non-critical and eliminate immediately? Would you cut staff, electricity, media consumption, activities? Does it even seem possible to trim that much from the bottom line? Simply put, our public schools are not amply funded by the state and would face this problem without local levies (learn more at BIPSS.org).

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Equipping the Next Generation With Tools for Success

To the Editor:

How many times have you heard the words ”Times are changing”? And, of course, everyone knows they always are.

But today, thanks to technology, the rate of change is faster than ever. What those of us learned 20 years ago – no, even 10 years ago – in school, in our workplace and in our daily lives is already becoming outdated. As we struggle to figure out what these changes mean to us, we need to realize that the next generation needs to be equipped with the skills to cope with these accelerating social and economic transformations. The best way to help them is with a quality education.

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Bainbridge Can’t Backslide on Basic Education

Dear Editor:
This February, I urge voters to support the ballot renewals of both the Educational Program and Operations (EP&O) levy and the Technology levy.  To emphasize, these are renewals of educational levies already in place which provide critical funds to our schools’ everyday operating expenses, and standard technology learning tools budget.  These are not new or incremental taxes.  WA State only provides a portion of the base operating dollars for our schools.  The State leaves it to the local school district to ask their community to cover the rest, which in our district is a full 22% of base costs.  Metaphorically, the state funding covers 4 days of a school week, but our local levies fund the 5th day.  Every student and every teacher would be negatively impacted if these particular base funds evaporate.  These locally-levied funds cover everything from utility expenses to remedial reading to teacher-retaining salaries.  
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