Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 14, 2017.

Ensuring Individualized Instruction in the Digital Age

Imagine your family or workplace has to cut its budget by 22%, overnight. What would you identify as non-critical and eliminate immediately? Would you cut staff, electricity, media consumption, activities? Does it even seem possible to trim that much from the bottom line? Simply put, our public schools are not amply funded by the state and would face this problem without local levies (learn more at BIPSS.org).

Despite the lack of public funding, our community has always expected the highest quality classroom imaginable and has repeatedly supported local levies to make it happen. As a classroom teacher, I had the resources to ensure “my kids” had individualized instruction in the digital age. As a parent, I was astonished when my kid transferred the engineering method he learned at Wilkes to his pursuit of the perfect paper airplane at home (as a kindergartner!). As a community member, I am proud that our kids learn on farms, in salmon streams and at Seattle biotech firms.

Ask your friends and neighbors what their grown children are doing with their lives. Inquire about how their experiences and teachers in the Bainbridge Island School District helped shape the path they are on. Undoubtedly, you will hear stories that leave you in awe about the role our public schools play in preparing students for the global workforce.
Voting YES for local levies on Feb. 14 will ensure the next generation has the same opportunity.

Jason Shutt, Bainbridge Island