Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 14, 2017.

Keep Bainbridge Cutting Edge

Many national issues feel out of our control right now. However, one local issue we can focus positive energy towards is the quality of education on Bainbridge Island. As a former middle school teacher, mom of two teenage girls, and local Realtor, education is important to me on many levels.

My family, like so many other families I work with as a Realtor, moved here for the quality education. It was the top item on our list of “must-haves” when we were considering where to move. And I hear this from my clients on a daily basis. I also work with couples or individuals with no school-aged children who move to our island because they love that they will be living amongst an educated community and that quality schools mean higher home values.

Many of us are living here today because the quality schools were the main attraction. Our children have benefited from them. Our community has benefited from them. We are grateful for them. We must support them.

My children have grown up in the school system. As a family we have had students at Blakely, Sakai, Woodward, Odyssey and Bainbridge High School. The quality of education weaves its way through every level. From iPad carts at Blakely to paraprofessionals in the classrooms, the Bainbridge Island School District strives to both be on the cutting edge of technology and support every student’s individual needs. Unfortunately our state’s funds fall incredibly short, so to maintain the quality of education we have become accustomed to, we must vote yes to allocate funds for the Educational Programs & Operations Funds Levy and the Technology Levy, both expiring in 2017.

An amazing 22% of our district’s operating budget comes from the EP&O Levy and the Tech Levy is the only dedicated source of funds for technology infrastructure and education. The great news is these are renewals of levies already in existence, which means no new taxes.

If you, like us, moved here for the high quality schools, please vote YES in support of both the EP&O and Tech Levy on the February 14th ballot.

Jen Pells