Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 14, 2017.

School Levies Provide an Equal Playing Field For All Students

Dear Editor:

On February 14, voters are being asked to renew the Bainbridge Island School District’s Educational Program and Operations (EP&O) levy and a Technology levy. As a 20+ year teacher on Bainbridge, these monies impact my life daily, as they do for the over 3,700 public school students on Bainbridge. 22% of the district’s overall operating budget comes from the EP&O levy, and our ever-increasing technology needs are funded exclusively through the technology levy.

If you don’t get to spend time in our schools, you would likely be amazed by the wide use of technology across the district. For example, at Woodward Middle School where I teach, each student this year was provided with his/her own chromebook. This Take Home Device Initiative provides equity and an equal playing field for all students by providing them a computer for use at school and home. Class assignments are organized and completed within a Google Classroom. As a result, I now have access to my students’ work at all times. I can monitor my students’ progress and if a student is struggling, I can assist them at any time, including when they are working at home. Students can also easily access online textbooks, conduct research, and collaborate on group projects, both at school and at home.

Thanks to levy monies, students on Bainbridge are developing important 21st century skills. Please help this continue by voting YES on February 14!


Keri Schmit
8th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Woodward Middle School