Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 14, 2017.


Today’s schools are no longer charged with simply preparing citizens to perform rote tasks. In addition to mastering traditional subjects, students must learn essential skills that are transferable across any discipline – the ability to communicate, create, collaborate and think critically. And in most instances, they exercise these skills through the use of technology.

The Technology Levy provides our schools the only stable, dedicated funding source for the technology that supports and facilitates this 21st century learning. Funding from the current Tech Levy has paid for: online databases for student research, hardware and software to support the curriculum that meets new engineering standards, tools that allow teachers to individualize instruction, emergency notification systems for families, and much more. Without the Tech levy, money would have to be diverted from teachers and curriculum to pay for technology expenses.

Vote YES to renew the EP&O Levy and the Technology Levy on February 14. Send your ballot in today!

For more information, including details about the proposed tax rates for the levy renewals, visit BIPSS.org. To endorse the levies, click here.

—Bainbridge Island Public Schools Supporters, BIPSS.org