Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 12, 2019.

A Public Health Professional Weighs In

Dear Editor,

I’m excited to endorse Bainbridge School’s Proposition 1. Please support Prop 1 and postmark or drop your ballots by February 12. As a public health professional, educator, and parent I support the inspired and efficient design for the future BHS campus.

We know from decades of research that the environment where kids learn directly affects students’ attention, focus, depth of learning, and how students and teachers interact. The Prop 1 monies will create a new building for Career and Technical Education, the arts and will include a centrally-located commons. The existing commons will be transformed to a 350+ seat auditorium for theatre performances, lectures, and music recitals. When complete, BHS will be a campus that is more conducive to learning, teaching, and engaging with the broader community.

Thank you,

Stephanie Farquhar, of Bainbridge Island