Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 12, 2019.

Bainbridge High School Alums support the capital levy

Dear Editor

We are the proud products of the Bainbridge Island School District and we want to ensure our schools remain strong for the next generation. We are grateful to be raising our own children in the same community where we grew up—a place with overwhelming support for public education. 

We encourage all islanders to join us in voting yes for BISD’s capital levy in February 2019. This levy will allow BISD to finish its building commitments made in the 2016 bond and also provide district-wide security upgrades and essential renovations through 2025. The heart of this project involves moving the commons space from its current location to the new 100 building and renovating the current commons into an auditorium with seating for 350-400 people. As graduates of Bainbridge High School, we have benefited from our community’s investment in education. This February, we look forward to continuing this tradition. We hope you will join us in supporting this important levy. 

Sincerely, 12-plus alums raising their families on Bainbridge Island (Jennifer Kim, Peter Drury, Janice Huang, Morgan Rorhbach, Jacqueline L. Brasefield, Megan Livingston, Birke Duncan, Brian and Kari Wetzler, Krisa Lund Tracy, and Brett Deits)