Levy Support is Vital For Our Schools

I am writing to urge readers to vote yes on February 9th for the two levies put forth by the Bainbridge Island School District. Both the Enrichment & Operations Levy and the Technology Levy are vital to maintain present funding levels for our public schools. Together they represent over 17% of BISD’s annual budget, and are renewals of existing levies.

As a parent of two BISD students, I see the benefits of the levies every day. When COVID forced us into a remote learning model, the levies helped BISD maintain enrichment programs like art, music, and science, while funds from the tech levy ensured that the District could provide Chromebooks or iPads, classroom technology, and the necessary infrastructure and teacher training to enhance online learning.

Bainbridge Island takes pride in prioritizing public education, and we have always been able to count on the community for support. We all benefit from strong public schools, and we need your continued support by way of a yes vote on February 9th.

Lisa Timmins, Bainbridge Island 

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