Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 12, 2019.

Schools Are Why We Moved Here

Voting Yes for Prop 1

My family, like many others, moved to the Island because of its strong public schools.  Our public schools are truly the heart of the community.  On February 12th, we will vote yes to support Bainbridge Island School District’s $15 million capital levy.

We believe in the goals of this project, which are:

1. Complete construction at Bainbridge High School which consists of the replacement of the 100 building as well as moving the commons to the core of the campus and transforming it into a much needed auditorium.

2. Provide funding through 2025 for district-wide repairs and renovations, including more efficient systems and essential security upgrades.

We are proud to vote yes for something as vital as an excellent education for every student. Please join us in February by voting yes. Yes to community, yes to schools, and yes to our Spartans!


Lisa and Raul Camacho