Our Schools. Our Future. Vote YES on February 13, 2024

On February 13, 2024, Bainbridge Island registered voters will be asked to approve both an Enrichment Levy and a Tech Levy to support Bainbridge Island public schools. 

The state of Washington funds “basic education.” Unfortunately, the state’s idea of a basic education, and what our community expects in an adequate education are far apart. Because of this gap, we use local funds to supplement, or “enrich” the education funding in our community in order to serve every learner.  We go above and beyond basic education for our students by:

  • Focusing on students’ social and emotional health by using local funds to provide extra counselors and nurses throughout the district.
  • Continuing our dedication to equity by using local funds to provide special education services and remedial reading and math instruction for all kids who need it, not just those who qualify under federal guidelines
  • Valuing more than basic education by funding more than just the basics. We use local funds to provide librarians, music, art, and STEM specialists in elementary schools, and lots of electives for our older students.  

All told, these “enrichments” make up roughly 17% of our general fund budget.  

Renewing our Technology Levy is also critical.  More than ever, 2020 has demonstrated just how important technology has become to education. Without Tech Levy funding, BISD would not have been able to quickly issue tablets or laptops for EVERY student, as well as provide extra training and technology for our teachers to help them adapt to their new learning environment.
Looking ahead, Tech Levy funds will continue to be used to pay for:

  • acquisition, repair, and replacement of student and staff devices
  • training in technological best practices for staff
  • infrastructure such as networking and emergency notification systems and
  • cybersecurity services
  • assistive technology for students with special needs.  

The Technology Levy helps prepare students for the future. No matter what path our students choose after graduation, having technological knowledge and experience is imperative. Professors and employers expect it—it’s not just for scientists and engineers anymore. Technology features heavily in almost every career making a working knowledge of technology critical in today’s job market.  

Click here to read the highlights of the resolutions passed by the Board on November  30, 2023
Click here for FAQs on the Enrichment & Operations Levy
Click here for FAQs on the Technology Levy 
Click here for FAQs on the Financial Impact of the Levies 

These renewals of existing levies are continuations of the support our community already gives to our students.  Please vote yes to renew the levies.

Ballots must be postmarked by February 13, 2024, or dropped in the ballot box (located next to the BISD offices at 8489 NE Madison Ave.) by 8 p.m. on February 13, 2024.

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