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Lynn and Darren Smith

Erin Phillips and Peter Berg

Clair and Ryan Richards

Mev and Paul Hoberg

Sheri Cloutier and Geoff Younger

Marcee and Drory Ben-Menachem

Joanna and Adam Sanderson

Lisa and Jeff Hale

Melissa and Jacob Bang-Knudsen

D’Arcy Clements

Mona Swanson

Amy Jernigan

Erin Graham

Laurie Seaborne-Borda and Matthew Borda

Kaycee and Sarah Taylor

Addison Taylor

Kathleen Ellison

Amy Nordstrom

Drew Hansen & Julie Cooper

Katy and Gary Ebenhoeh

Sara Berger and Ben Norton

Melissa Dupre

Karen Knezevich

Christy Remedios

Diane and Michael Leonetti

Kate and Alex March

Chasity and Adrian Malatesta

Eden Whitmire and Josh Smith

Sheila and Bob Jakubik

Sheila and Michael Klausen

Jennifer Cannon and Casey Schmidt

Hollie McIntyre

Jenn and Todd Osburn

Anna and Ryan Steen

JD and Mike Sumsky

Sarah Morgans

Eileen Ward

Megan Karch

Danielle and Jonathan Stoehr

Evan and Erica Saint Clair

Drew and Emily Crandall

Lara and Brett Deits

Todd Erler

Magda and Andy Pratt

Sarah Mann

Annie and Chris Sitzenstock

Joya Pettigrew and Adam Holtz

Christina and Craig Wakefield

Farrah Ferguson and Michael Ausich

Brenda and Chris Ruddick

Teresa and Kii Yette

Lindsey and Patrick Toler

Tina Guldhammer Frei

Bruce and Judy Weiland

Melissa and Chris Jasperson

Heather and Patrick Tartar

Cheryl Dale

Lauren and Ian Towle

Pam Witte

Kyanne and Kevin Hawkins

Tom Kelly

Nicole and Wellington Minoza

Mike Spence and Karen West

Mark D. and Angie M. Emerson

Beckey Anderson

Deb Rudnick and Rob Ast

Anna and Larry Daniels

Amy Reitz

Ross Eide

Melinda and Jeff Ketcheside

Mike and Mary Kay Lampert

Joe Salter

Christine Rolfes

Melissa & Jacob Bang-Knudsen

Beth and David Balas

Tim and Pamela Kinkead

Erin and Ian McCallum

Elizabeth and Reese Ande

Jana Walter

Vicki and Martin Milander

Michael and Carrie Holloway

Wendi and Glen Olinger

Brandi and Rennison Bispham

Melissa and Ben Mello

Wendy and Chris Kozina

Mary and Stan Curtis

Kellie and Patrick Olsen

Alison and Torgeir Hatletveit

Marcus and Heidi Kitley

Melissa Mann

Kim and Ian Coletti

Cindy Wilkins

Megan and Brian Carson

Meg Evans

Sharon and Kaafi Tuinukuafe

Siri and Jared Miller

Sean Talbot and Julia Walle Talbot

Jenna Ebersviller

Amy Ahlers

Paul Sullivan and Katherine Davies

Jill and Brennen Stoknes

Corinne and Jeff Wolfe

Lauren Love and Trae King

Danielle and Earl Ferguson

Abigail and Christopher Hoag

Patricia Schlosser

Meghan and Christian Berg

Carrie DeFoe

Brooke and James Rufo-Hill

Doug and Kathy Dudgeon

Alissa and Mark Essig

Tara and RJ Hilgers

Kate Garfield and Kaj Bune

Susan Claesson

Susan and Langley Gace

Barbara Vandeleiur

Kate Bonanno

Lauren Kozlosky

Margretta Murnanes and Sal Celis

Jessica and Connor Teevan

Christiane Baker

Peter Bang-Knudsen Jr.

Erik & Shannon Fong

Anne and Hans Knottnerus

Jill Beermann

Addie Beermann

Jackson Beermann

Tara and Jim Beatie

Norma and Brian Miner

Sue and Andy Constan

Marilyn Tsolomitis

Kim and Greg Kooistra

Heidi Urish-Martin and Matt Martin

Katie Erickson

Taya and Porter Hall

Amy and Coulter Smith

Gene and Abby Smith

Alexandra Schilf

Lori and Duncan Sinclair

Charles Costanzo and Jennifer Rose

Beth and Joe Hebert

Meghan and Brian Linvingston

Dave and Annette Walker

Katie Zonoff

Trude Winters

Dana Ashton

V’Ann Wagner-Brent

Kelly and Chris Cancialosi

Amy and Aaron Evans

Christina Hulet and Jeff Stewart

Carrie and Dave Sellers

Julee and Mark Longridge

Libby Clements

Robin and Eric Stahl

Dave and Sharon Trageser

Joe Cardosi

Sara McCulloch

Marina Cofer-Wildsmith and Quentin Wildsmith

Janice Huang and Rob Evans

Wendy and Tom Tyner

Lois Reitz and Rich Storch

Theresa and Rick Torseth

Wendy Hufnagle and Lawrence Hufnagle, Jr.

Anne and Michael Sherry

Margaret and Ragan Powers

Terra and Aaron Claiborne

Emilie Sammons and Jason Slye

Deb Henderson and Ben Doerr

Amii Thompson

Jessica McClury and Cory Guebels

Sharon M. Chambers-Corkrum and Robert Corkrum

Travis and Cara Tebo

Susan Irish

Christy and Chris Rice

Heide Langendorf and Jonathan Caron

Rebecca Keach

Debra and Jeff Grindeland

Kyle Smith

Ingrid Ryan

Debbie and Matt Baker

Beth Crawford Mass

Sean and Robb Crawford

Shadi and Bill Letson

Teresa and Geoffry Ball

Danielle Ledbetter

Diane Fielding Bedell and Gary Bedell

Chelsie and Daniel Doherty

Kyra and Grant Perrigo

Zack and Leah Chadick

Tricia and James Corsetti

Ingrid Swanson Pultz and Scott Pultz

Kathleen Chadband

Jess Talavera

Liz and Steve Martell

Jess and Craden Henderson

Sofia Mabee

Ben and Stina Tillotson

Ken and Timi Cecka

Caty Kehs and Derik Broekhoff

Tucker and Veronica Sawin

Brigette and Jeremy Yates

Anne and Paul Kundtz

Susan and Dale Knell

Caitlin and Tony Lombardi

Anne and Hans Griesser

Kristina Pujolar

Jana and Todd MacCulloch

Sarah andJay Martin

Aaron and Tessa Blumenthal

Elina Halstrum and Gregory Massie

Nicole Wescott

Jill Anderson

Alexis and William Hunt

Jason and Mairead Shutt

Kristann L. Orton and Chris Woods

Rebecca and Torin Larsen

Bart Berg and Sheri Worth

Lisa and Rick Skelton

Kara and Charles Nelson

Sydney and Doug Bond

Jeannie Stuyvesant

Wendy O’Connor

David Cuthbert and Tamara Tulou

Kelly Smith

Ian Forbes and Dianne Speers

Marie Louise and Frederik Trampe

Wendy and Erik Indvik

Jen and Clint Pells

Johana Vander Stoep

Carol and Sandy White

Melissa Fink

Mary Alice O’Neill

Susan W. Jackson

Hilde and David Chichester

Kimo Baenen and Rachael Reese

Ying Ying Tan and Chris Golinski

Caroline Vannatta and Greg Riehm

Heather Jo and Matt Kochevar

Katherine Kochevar

Diane Bonciolini and Greg Mesmer

Amy and Jeff Friedman

Amy and Casey McFarland

Courtney and Paul Stephens

Thomas Purves

Katie Brase

Kiyo Toma and Laura Firman

Emily Saling

Andre and Susan Lorenz

Kimrick Maravilla

Shannon and Dean Dierickx

Maureen and Tom Daniels

Liz and Bruce Thompson

Sanjay and Krista Pal

Robert Cromwell

Scott and Betsy Daniels

Debbie and Tom Kuffel

Robin Suplee and Mike Derzon

Clo Copass and Doug Fleming

Luni Libes

Denise Melton-Todd and Steve Todd

Elizabeth Bamber

Shelby and James Stoner

Liz Finin and Enrique Chee

Laura and Joe Van Dyke

Sarah and Matt Albee

Janet Usellis

Lindsey C. Lang

Connie Tang

Michelle McMillian

Jendi Watson

Kelly Foster

Peter Drury

Melissa Timme

Hayes Gori

Thomas Chymiy

Peter Murchie

Terri and David Beckett

Connie and Matt Ballou

Emily Barrows

Larry Dewey

Erika and John Beyer

Jennifer and Patrick Kilby

Lisa Timmins and Ben Klasky

Clay and Sherry Roberts

Bonnie Bakeman Harrison and Scott Harrison

Alexander and Lisa Warren

Alexis and Adam Hunt

Save Our Schools (SOS) Bainbridge

Bea Dixon and Neil Baker

Milo Zaneski

Laura Lewis

Rachel Birkett

Lynnette and James Davidson

Rebecca and Jeremy Walliman

Jessica Christianson Wexler and Cynthia Buhr

Kate and Brendan Kelly

Naomi and David Spinak

Sandy and Chip Halbert

Douglas and Melanie Olson

Cole Emerson

Kelly Warga

Rebeccah Kardong and Rob Thom

Jerry L. Childers

Kelly Warga

Nora and Stuart Nickum

Allison Brock and Joe Magin

Corwyn Ellison and Mike Rimoin

Nancy and Doug Treder

Amy Augistine and Jeremy Faber

Charlie Hoberg

Jennifer and Patrick Sheldon

Laura and Luke Preble

Marjorie and Richard King

Elisha Herzog

Kitsap County Democratic Women

Rachel Hofer

Maggie and Lyle Kizer

Jean and Brandyn Kusenda

Christina and Troy Tibbals

Kristi Nelson

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