As A Community Member, I Support These Levies

To The Editor:

I urge my fellow Islanders to support February 2024’s two Bainbridge Island School District levies:  the Enrichment & Operations Levy and the Tech Levy.

Having watched my children progress through Bainbridge public schools and into promising adulthood, I am keenly aware that they were the beneficiaries of a strong public educational foundation because previous BISD levies were approved.  When my kids were younger, residents whose adult children had matriculated through BISD had the foresight to continue to vote for these levies because strong schools are fundamental to a strong community.  It is my time to pay it forward.

Did you know that state and federal funding only covers ~80% of BISD’s general budget?  BISD absolutely requires supplementary funding beyond basic government funding to continue providing robust education and related student and staff services.  These two February levies fund a wide range of key programs that directly and indirectly benefit our students.  Successful levies provide the financial support for counselors and nurses, reading and math remediation, cybersecurity measures, and so much more. 

As a community member, I support these levies as the programs funded are critical for students who face an increasingly stressful and technically complex world.  As a finance professional, I also reviewed the financial impact information associated with the levies.  I believe that the benefits to Bainbridge Island resulting from investment in local public education far outweigh the average estimated cost increase per home of about a hundred dollars a year per levy. 

Tara Beatie

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