Equal Access To Tech is Important for Equality in the Classroom

I am a recent graduate from Bainbridge High School’s class of 2023. I am writing to you about the Technology Levy and the Enrichment and Operations Levy, and to hopefully convince readers to support them, as they provide great benefits to the students.

While I was a student at BHS, I was a member of the band program. The band community is supportive and I made many close friends there. Marching band was a program that encouraged hard work and leadership. All the band programs provide members with invaluable skills and connections. 

Additionally, the use of chromebooks was incredibly convenient and helpful while doing schoolwork. Having access to all the resources of the internet to assist with my learning was invaluable, and ensuring that everyone has equal access to technology is important for equality in the classroom. 

For these reasons, I hope that everyone will understand the importance of continuing to support these levies, and will join me in voting “yes” for them on the ballot.

Sincerely, Anika Toma.

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