Bainbridge Levies Support Excellence In Our Schools

Ballots are about to drop for our election on February 13: please remember to vote!

As a member of the BISD school board, I have been out speaking to the community about the budget issues with the school district and it cannot be stressed enough about how important these two levies are to the continued excellence of our island schools. They are replacements for expiring levies and help our school district continue to provide all the services, technologies and programs that the state does not pay for (state support is approximately 74% of the BISD district budget and in no way supports all the required and needed educational programming of any school district).

For more information, please visit the district website at and look for the Levy FAQs. Fellow islanders – thank you for your continued support of our great students! Our community has consistently approved our levies by wide margins as they know that great schools make great communities and great communities support great schools!

Mark Emerson, Bainbridge Island

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