Vote To Support Tech Funding That Makes A Difference to Students

Dear Bainbridge Island Voters: I am a 2023 graduate of Bainbridge High School, and now a freshman at Western Washington University. Each step I take into my future is influenced by the education I received in the Bainbridge Island School district. Money for many of the valuable experiences in our schools are not funded by the state, and so our local levies are necessary to create the quality education we have here on our island. From kindergarten through my senior year, I was cared for and served by Bainbridge Schools in many different ways. I and my peers were supported by well-trained counselors and compassionate nurses when we were struggling mentally or physically. Clubs made possible by funding for club advisors and school sports enriched my experience hugely. They provided community and a sense of belonging that I carry with me to University. The current students of BISD deserve the same quality of education. Technology plays a pivotal role in our education. I cannot tell you how many times I went to the library for help trouble-shooting issues on my chromebook. The very fact that I had a school provided chromebook to use and bring home with me was a huge support to my learning and success. Free wifi, cyber security, smartboards, internet connection; all of these essential services are at risk if we do not pass the upcoming tech levy.  Every single student deserves a high quality education with access to all the tools they need to help them thrive. Our community has the ability to ensure this happens. Throughout turmoil and conflict, I have seen teachers, administrators, and most importantly students stand up for what they believe in. They work everyday to help our school district flourish into what it has the capacity to be. A home for education, equity, and compassion.  Please join me in voting yes for these levies. Let’s do our part to support our school district and everyone in it who dedicates their time and care to creating the highest quality education.  Thank you, Mia Hale

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